Drive City is a competitive racing game with a building game twist. It supports a range of operating systems and platforms - from mobile to PCs and from Mac, IOS, Android and Windows. It features cartoonish graphics and simple games mechanics, but still remains action-packed, with plenty of playable content. It’s the type of game that is easy to play but hard to master.

However, there are unique selling points to Drive City designed for long term sustainability:

Referral Rewards Mechanism: earn rewards by sharing your love for the game with your friends, family and social networks. These rewards are calculated on the referred person's NFT purchases as well as in game earnings.

Earning Mechanisms: the opportunity to earn is deeply integrated into the gameplay design, and so there we will be many earning mechanisms offered, such as the Buildings being able to generate revenue from services provided - rest & recharge, maintenance & repair, upgrades & modifications

Drive City contains 3 core loops:

Racing: Race your NFT car in different modes including PvE, PvP and Tournament to earn rewards

Building: Build your unique auto supercity that assists you to support your racing activities, produce parts for upgrades and eventually craft iconic cars. Create your own properties such as the gas station, garage, racetrack and trade with others.

Breeding: Create new unique NFT cars to race or trade them on marketplace

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