🥈DCG Token


Ticker: $DCG

Max Supply: Unlimited

BEP-20 token standard on Binance Smart Chain

$DCG token is the main currency


$DCG token can be earned through various means:

  • Daily quests: Give your cars a stabled amount of USDG every day as salary for your life. It can be raised by owning more cars or feeding your cars with more fuel (stamina)

  • Box rewards: Come random or after you have an achievement

  • Sell/buy property: All your property can be sold or bought by $DCG

  • Lending/renting property: If you can't buy property, just rent it at a much lower cost and save your earnings for more important things. Or you can be a big boss and let other players lend it.

  • Betting/Tournament rewards: Show your pro skill in the tournament to get rewards or be a spectator and get your token by betting on the show.

Drive City does not sell $DCG to players directly


Drive City Gear ($DCG) is the main supply of Drive City's internal economy, and can be used within the game as follows:

  • In-game activities

  • In-game upgrades

  • Exchange

  • Drive City box

Drive City's metaverse gives you opportunities to earn $DCG tokens for living expenses, making purchases and investing.

is designed as a metaverse where cars are living beings.As you can see, $DCG can be earned in many ways and it is not a stable amount per day. Lending/renting or betting can multiply your tokens in a short time depending on what you got (same as in real life). You can make the decision to be a big boss or hard working normal citizen.

You have to work daily to earn your $DCG tokens for living, buying and investing. The more property you have, the more power and money you get.

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