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Racing is the core gameplay for almost players with PvE, PvP and Tournament mode.

Player vs Environment (PvE): Players race with the NPC of Drive City and progress through the story surrounding its citizens while also earning DCG to upgrade Automobile City. Every NPC will have different characteristics and power that will prove a challenge to the player.

Player vs Player (PvP): In the PvP-mode-rewards are more valuable than PVE, you can challenge other players around the world and earn DCG tokens.

Tournament: The final battlefield for users to prove who is the best driver out there. Join ranking and earn points on the leaderboard. Top 10,000 each season will be rewarded with DC token, which can only be earned from tournaments besides staking.

Players control their car in a race, being able to steer, accelerate and nitro boost the car. The fastest to finish the race will be the winner. The exact controls may be different depending on the platform , ranging from keyboard controls to mobile touch screens.

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