🏹Upgrades & Modifications

Each car part can be upgraded to reach its max potential with an increase in stats.

Upgrading will require different types of material for each part. Each level of upgrading also requires different ranks of the Tuning Station.

Level 1: Common Parts + Tuning Lvl 1 + Gear + DCG

Level 2: Rare Parts + Tuning Lvl 10 + Gear + DCG

Level 3: Elite Parts + Tuning Lvl 20 + Gear + DCG

Level 4: Epic Parts + Tuning Lvl 30 + Gear + DCG

Level 5: Legendary Parts + Tuning Lvl 40 + Gear + DCG

Gear and Parts are required for the upgrade of both your cars and buildings. Both can be obtained from PvE mode.

Gear: the most common item in Drive City that can be used to upgrade cars and buildings

Parts can be obtained from PvE racing and then used to increase the car's performance. There will be 4 different types of parts relating to the 4 character design aspects - Body, Wheels, Wings and Livery. Each part will be attributed a rarity rank, based on the 5 levels of rarity - Common -> Rare -> Elite -> Epic -> Legendary.

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